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A Trustworthy Southern California Lawyer

Russell A. Brown is a Santa Barbara lawyer serving Southern California, including Santa Barbara, Ventura, Los Angeles, and San Diego Counties. Mr. Brown is committed to providing high-quality legal representation for all of his clients. Attorney Russell A. Brown will work on your case as hard as you would if you were a licensed attorney.

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Attorney Russell A. Brown will:

  • Tell your side of the story.
  • Promptly respond to your questions.
  • Keep you up to date on the progress of your case.
  • Appear in court on your behalf.
  • Develop the case to best suit your needs.
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Colorful Spanish tiles decorate the interior of the historic courthouse.

Primary Practice Areas

Criminal Defense

If you are charged with a crime, Russell A. Brown can represent you in court and protect your rights. He will design a criminal defense that is customized to your case and has the best likelihood of having the charges against you reduced or dismissed. Even if you do not hire an attorney, it is a good idea to consult with one regarding your constitutional and state law rights.

Immigration Law

Non-citizens who are convicted of a crime can be deported or denied citizenship. Russell A. Brown looks for solutions in criminal cases that avoid immigration problems, appears at bond hearings at ICE detention facilities, and can assist with filing citizenship papers.

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The Santa Barbara Mission.

Attorney Russell A. Brown is determined to provide the best legal representation in Southern California.

Finding the right Southern California lawyer

Finding a hard-working, trustworthy attorney can be difficult. It is important to find an attorney whose legal knowledge, level of effort, communication skills, and networking abilities are the best fit for accomplishing your goals.