Fighting to Prove Your Innocence

Russell Brown knows battery defenses and penalties and will contest your case at every phase of the prosecution. His mission is to have your case dismissed or reduce the punishment.

  1. Draft and file motions and other papers;
  2. Attack weaknesses in the prosecution's case;
  3. Conduct a trial, including calling witnesses, cross-examining prosecution witnesses, and introducing evidence of your innocence;
  4. Present argument for lesser punishments.


Russell Brown is an experienced criminal defense lawyer. He is familiar with battery defenses and penalties and challenges every phase of the case.


Russell Brown fights to get the best possible result for his clients. His mission is to have the charges against you reduced or dismissed entirely.


Russell Brown provides professional criminal defense representation for professionals. Russell strives to meet the needs and goals of his clients.


What is a Battery?

A battery is any willful and unlawful touching of another person that is harmful and offensive. Any contact with another person, including through clothing, is enough. The touching does not have to cause pain or injury of any kind.

Battery Penalties

Punishments include loss of gun rights, 3 year probation, a maximum $2,000 fine and 6 months of jail time. Additional penalties apply based on the facts of the case.

Loss of Gun Rights

In California, a battery conviction results in loss of the right to own, possess, purchase, or receive firearms. The court can order a person with an outstanding warrant for battery to surrender his or her guns.

Gun rights return 10 years after a misdemeanor battery conviction. A felony conviction can result in permanent loss of the right to own a gun.


Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is battery upon a current or former partner, including husband, wife, partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, or cohabitant.

Domestic Violence Penalties

The punishments for domestic violence include a restraining order, one year batterer's treatment program, 3 year probation, restitution to the victim, domestic violence shelter fee, court fines, and community service.

Restraining Orders

A restraining order is a court order to stay away from certain people or places. In many domestic violence cases, the court orders the defendant to stay away from the victim and the victim's home.

The court can order the defendant to stay away from the children, if children witnessed or were involved in the abuse.


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