Fighting to Prove Your Innocence

If you are charged with DUI, contact DUI lawyer Russell Brown. He will be able to:

  1. Draft and file motions and other papers;
  2. Create and exploit weaknesses in the prosecution's case;
  3. Conduct a trial, including calling witnesses, cross-examining prosecution witnesses, and introducing evidence of your innocence;
  4. Present argument for lesser punishments.
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Why Hire Us?

DUI lawyer Russell Brown can:

  1. Tell you how strong or weak the prosecution's case is;
  2. Try to get a better plea deal if the case is weak;
  3. Minimize the punishments;
  4. Try to get you the best plea deal for your situation;
  5. Attempt to exclude illegally obtained evidence.
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DUI Penalties

The punishments for a DUI include loss of driver's license, over $1,500 in fines, 3 years of probation, a mark on your DMV and criminal records, at least 3 months of classes, and fees for classes.

Penalties may also include jail time, continuous alcohol monitoring (SCRAM), installation of an ignition interlock device in your vehicle, impoundment of your vehicle, and community service. You will likely be required to abstain from alcohol and to obtain an SR-22 insurance policy.

The severity of the punishment depends on Blood Alcohol Content % (BAC), prior DUI convictions, whether an accident, injury, or fatality occurred, and whether you ran from the scene of the accident.

Loss of Driver's License

In California, law enforcement officers may take your license if they suspect you are driving under the influence. Your license will be suspended if you fail to contact the DMV within 10 days to schedule a hearing.

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Prescription Drug DUI

There is no red line for prescription drug impairment, unlike like the .08% BAC cut-off for alcohol. Therefore, you could be convicted of DUI with any amount of prescription drugs in your blood. Having a valid prescription and using the prescribed dosage are not a defense to a drug-related DUI.

Marijuana DUI

Although recreational marijuana is now legal in California, it is still illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana. Drivers who fail sobriety tests and are in possession of marijuana are often arrested for DUI and requested to submit to a drug test. A person who regularly uses marijuana, or used it within a few days of driving, will likely test positive and be charged with driving under the influence.


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