Criminal Lawyer Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara County District Attorney (DA) takes crimes very seriously. As a result, the DA is often unwilling to reduce or dismiss charges. However, an experienced Santa Barbara criminal lawyer may be able to reduce your criminal charge, divert your case, or have the charges dismissed.

What can a Santa Barbara criminal lawyer do for your case?

Attend all court appearances and keep you up to date on the status of your case.

If both you and your attorney fail to attend a court appearance, then the Court can issue a bench warrant for your arrest.

Obtain and analyze all evidence.

An attorney cannot provide a competent analysis of your case until they have received and reviewed all of the evidence. This includes the evidence against you, as well as any favorable evidence showing your innocence.

Create a customized defense strategy based on your goals and the facts of your case.

Different clients have different goals. Common goals include staying out of jail, reducing or dismissing the charges, or minimizing the fines and fees.

Work cooperatively with you to achieve the best result on your case.

An attorney that enjoys working with you will likely spend more time talking with you and working on your case. This additional collaboration usually leads to better outcomes for your case.

Negotiate a resolution of your case for reduced charges or lesser punishment.

Having a good relationship with Santa Barbara district attorneys and judges helps in the negotiation process.

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How do I hire a Santa Barbara criminal lawyer?

  1. You can hire the Santa Barbara Public Defender at your first court date, assuming you qualify for their services.
  2. You can hire a private attorney by contacting them directly. The easiest way to do this is call by phone and set an appointment.
  3. Use a lawyer referral service to direct you to an attorney based on your case.

Russell Brown is a criminal lawyer in Santa Barbara, California.