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What is Expungement?

An expungement allows a defendant to tell employers that they have never been convicted of a crime (for most job applications).

The Court sets aside the conviction or withdraws the guilty plea and dismisses the charges.


Misdemeanor Expungement

Cost: $750

Court appearance (required)
Petition for dismissal (required)
$57 processing fee (required)

Expungement Cannot Help With:

Certain Government Positions

You must disclose expunged convictions on applications for law enforcement or when running for public office.


Expungement does not remove a criminal conviction for immigration purposes. However, a Padilla Motion can undo a guilty plea made by a non-citizen.

Criminal & Arrest Record

Expungement cannot remove a record of arrest. It does not remove an entry of judgment from your department of justice record. It does not remove your fingerprints from law enforcement databases.

When Can I Get My Case Expunged?

1. One Year After Misdemeanor Or Infraction

You may expunge a misdemeanor or infraction charge one year from the date of conviction if you have complied with the sentence and obeyed all laws during that time.

2. Upon Fulfilling Probation Conditions

Usually, if you have satisfactorily completed the probationary period or has been discharged before its termination, you are entitled to have the guilty plea expunged and the accusations dismissed.

3. Upon Payment Of Restitution

If you were sentenced to pay restitution, you cannot expunge your criminal conviction until the balance of the restitution is paid.

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