Immigration Law

Immigration Law

Russell A. Brown is based in Santa Barbara and provides immigration law services throughout Southern California. Immigration law involves representing non-citizens in immigration and criminal proceedings and protecting their constitutional rights.

immigration law

Immigration Law Solutions

If you are a non-citizen convicted of a crime, you can be deported or denied citizenship. This can be devastating to you and your family.

Russell A. Brown looks for solutions in criminal cases that avoid immigration problems, appears at bond hearings at ICE detention facilities, and can assist with filing citizenship papers. His goal is to keep you and your family together in this country.

California Moves To Protect Undocumented Population

On October 5, 2017, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Values Act, making California a "sanctuary state" beginning January 1, 2018.

immigration law

Immigration Law Services

Active Criminal Cases

You can be deported if you are convicted of certain crimes, including: 1) crimes involving a controlled substance (drugs); 2) crimes of moral turpitude; 3) aggravated felonies; and 4) crimes of violence.

If you are a non-citizen, consult an attorney before making a guilty or no contest plea.

Past Criminal Convictions

A past criminal conviction, including a plea of guilty or no contest, can result in deportation or ineligibility for citizenship and admission into the United States.

Under Penal Code 1473.7, a defendant can petition the court to withdraw his or her plea if he or she did not understand that a guilty or no contest plea would result in deportation.

After a plea is withdrawn, the criminal case will start from the beginning. The defendant will need to fight the charges if the district attorney dismiss or reduce the charges.

immigration law

Bond And Detention Hearings

Most ICE detention facilities are isolated, making it difficult for detainees to contact their families and hire an attorney to fight your case. You may be released from detention if you are not a threat to national security or community safety and are likely to appear at future deportation hearings.

Obtaining Citizenship Documents

Obtaining proper documentation can be complicated. An immigration attorney can help start an application for citizenship, ensure your application is not returned for errors, and represent you before the judge or hearing officer.